About the 1935 logo

Jan. 01, 2013

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Over the years NASKARZ has had a great deal of support from many people with different talents. One of them is Jeremiah Birnbaum http://www.birnbaumjeremiah.ca/site/ who happens to be an artist/cop, or is it cop/artist?



Our other VPD volunteer Sargent Tim has had a very detailed vision of what the 1935 Ford should look like once finished, down to the flames painted on the side of the car (there is a video attached in the previous post). Through his kindness and/or through his Sargent’s persuasion (we do not know exactly), Jeremiah brought this vision closer to the real world through his take on the hot-rod art character called Rat Fink. The result is our cool 1935 Ford logo.

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    1935 Ford Police Car logo