About Workin' Bridges

Apr. 08, 2016

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Workin Bridges offers the unique combination of expert metalworking, construction management and engineering skills required to give a new hope for historically important iron truss bridges.

Workin' Bridges expertise in this area includes:

  • Extensive knowledge of a bridge's historic aspects – the history, constructional detail and materials;
  • Instinctive understanding the mechanisms of deterioriation – wear, corrosion, settlement and damage;
  • Adherence to ASHTO Standards for preservation.

Workin' Bridges provide initial consulting services on iron truss bridges including site visit for analysis, rehabilitation plans and specifications and project estimate.

Workin' Bridges can do the project from start to finish or provide the plan for others to implement.  Some projects allow the bridge to remain on it's piers, while others require disassembly, off site work and then reassembly. Work typically includes various combinations of repair, strengthening, cleaning, finishing and the replacement or fabrication of missing parts.

Experts in restoration and repair work on historic iron bridges located across the country.

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