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Apr. 09, 2016

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Workin' Bridges NSRGA brings to the table the plans, the tools and expertise to restore truss bridges by generating expert, detailed estimates and schedules for repair and restoration, while adhering to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation of Historic Structures. As a non-profit we are able to offer a variety of methods in working with alternative funding sources.

“Restoring bridges has been one of my passions for the last twelve years and I’ve been looking for a way to save more bridges so this affiliation with Workin’ Bridges is promising. Julie learned a lot over the last year and has proved her tenacity in working through the problem solving,” said Nels Raynor, owner of BACH. With more than 30 years experience as an owner/operator of the steel fabrication company, Raynor is a leading expert in the U.S. in hot riveting, and holds MiDOT certifications in welding. 

Workin’ Bridges is a collaboration with BACH Steel and is a trademarked division of NSRGA. 

Bridges we have worked collaboratively includes:

1.       Bridges we have worked collaboratively includes:

2.       McIntyre Bridge – Bowstring Truss - Poweshiek County, Iowa

3.       Piano Bridge – Pratt Truss - Fayette County, Texas

4.       Springfield Bowstring – Faulkner/Conway County, Arkansas

5.       Long Shoals Bridge – Parker Truss – Bourbon County, Kansas

6.       Military Bridge – 3 Span Bowstring Truss – Bourbon County, Kansas

7.       King RR Bridge – Pratt Truss – Bourbon County, Kansas

8.       Old Cedar Avenue Bridge – Bloomington, MN - waiting for bidding

9.       Upper Bluffton Bridge – Pratt Truss – Winneshiek County, Iowa

10.     Enochs Knob Road Bridge – Franklin County, Missouri

11.     Cascade Bridge – Deck Truss – Des Moines County, Iowa

12.     Fort Atkinson Bridge – Pratt Truss – Winneshiek County, Iowa

13.     Mulberry Creek Bridge - Pratt Truss - Ford County, Kansas

14.     Otranto Bridge, Camelback Through Truss, Mitchell County, Iowa

15.     Sunny Brae Golf Course – replace Pontoon Bridge – Mitchell County, Iowa

16.     Waterford Iron Bridge - Dakota County, Minnesota

17.     Bunker Mill Bridge - Washington County, Iowa

18.     B.B. Comer Bridge - Jackson County, Alabama

19.     Wiley’s Bridge, Berks County, PA

20.   Beatty’s Mill Bridge, Armstrong County, PA 

There are so many beautiful bridges around the US that needs to be restored.  We just need the support and funding.

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