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Dec. 30, 2015

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Annual Report

It makes it very easy to start writing the annual report given that so much of what we have done this year, what we have accomplished has been documented on Facebook at Workin' Bridges or at We have four bridges in the process of saving, we lost one, we helped write two grants, one already successful that came with an economic study on the value of historic bridge preservation that we use daily. We did several site visits that gave our friends the information they need to make good decisions. We own a few bridges now, and we hope to own a few more next year (foster ownership on most). We are hoping to own a big beautiful one on the west coast and hope our friends in Colorado will make the choice to use historic bridges. Workin' where my people are is a good thing - love visiting and living / working in all of the places where the bridges live - urban and rural (I'm ready for my tiny home at Bunker yet this winter). We've been mostly smart and we've been able to grow well, a good solid base of workin' it in the real world. We are insured and we have references and a project list with actual estimates and work required attached (a new website and look is also in the works). As I look back at this past year, and the years before, I see some themes emerge. We are at our strongest when we bring all of the experts together, we are better together. Always have been!. Could not have happened without our collaboration with BACH Steel's Nels Raynor and the engineering from SGI and Penta. I'll post the report when it's finished - today I get back to the documenting of Marsh Creek Restoration in a book form - then, perhaps video. It takes a long time to go through photos (digital fingers on the shoot button here) to find the ones that tell the story succinctly. These bridges are built of parts - the nomenclature is established. Parts are interchangeable or can be fabricated. These bridges were built to last....with a little maintenance for sure. If you haven't seen it, this is a basic video primer on how the experts do it. Very grateful to have thrown our time at that so long ago in Texas - was a great place to be and hope to go back to save the Hope Bowstring in Rosebud. Hey you can donate, Hope Bridge needs help, Bunker needs help, Hayden will need help for those of you that read to the end, more bridges to save and so there will be more movies and books to raise awareness and how you do it! 

NSRGA - PO Box 332, Grinnell, IA 50112, pay pal, wire transfers,,,,we can help you out with charitable giving and put your name on a part of a bridge, or the whole bridge!!!!

Think about buying a bridge in the new year - we can help.

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    Bunker Mill Bridte