Post date: Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 19:29

By Christopher J. Bakker:   

  Who ever said chicken coups were for the birds hasn’t met Zoltan Bod.  At the end of a winding, dusty gravel road in rural Abbotsford,  British Columbia, in  amongst the memories of chickens past is a 3600 sq/ft retro fitted coup now housing a fully functional,  one-man  automotive movement.

Auto restoration and car design is the passion and life’s work of Zoltan, and with over 30 years in the automotive restoration industry, Zoltan  has turned a  career of innovating and re-building existing rides into revolutionizing transportation itself.

 Upon entering the, tin roofed, wood clad coup, one is greeted by a 1965 Ford F100 Custom Cab on blocks, in the midst of being reborn as a slammed and  shaved custom ride. Zoltan picked up this project from a local golf course where the truck served as the operations daily service vehicle for many years.

When next put into service this amazing ride will have been dropped 10 inches, received a shaved back end and have over 350 horses up front. It’s the level of detail that puts the Custom Cab in a league of its  own however.  Every weld  was painstakingly carried out by hand, every seam fits, well…seamlessly, and every angle is square and true.  Zoltan’s 30 plus years of experience in this trade is on display 

 The F-100 is not the spokesman for the revolution Zoltan is carrying out. That mantle falls to a red, three wheeled, rocket found at the back of the coup, the  Zoleco, a futuristic 151 MPG Hypermiling Eco Exotic Sports Car. Zoleco, a mixture of its name sake  and its environmental purpose, will be a three wheeled,  gas powered car that will ultimately achieve over 100 miles per gallon of fuel. A lofty goal indeed, but being made from a metal skeleton clad in fiber glass,  the finished car will weigh no more than a few large Texans. Born from the need to squeeze every ounce on energy from  a gallon of fuel, the Zoleco sports  an outer shell straight out of the Jetsons but installs form and function into the future.  The shape is no accident.  The car industry continues to grappled with  finding a balance between style, function and efficiency for many years.  The Zoleco takes that  balance for granted finding style and function in the form of  efficiency.

 With over 2000 hours in and 4000 hours more to go, Zoltan has not only committed himself to  revolutionising the way cars will look and function but also how people will get around, in the future.Has  Zoltan gone to the birds?  His shop was once for the birds, but Zoltan’s passion, his intelligence and talent  behind Zoleco may just have the last word on the future of transportation.