Boatbuilding Begins!

Dec. 05, 2016

Skiff construciton marks the beginning of boatbuilding for the Class of 2017! Students in the Westrem shop construct a strongback and molds for their 14' Flatbottom Skiff by William Atwell.

During skiff construction, students are introduced to basic wooden boatbuilding by integrating skills and joinery techniques practiced in classic woodworking. Students work with the bench-project team to build a small skiff that puts all their new woodworking skills directly to work. Half-laps, rolling bevels, and jointed edges are practiced as students use their spokeshaves and planes to shape gunwales, transom, and oars. They are introduced to the powerful technique of spiling, which they continue to use and refine throughout their boatbuilding education.


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    A team of students begin construction of a flatbottom skiff by building a strongback and molds.