Hayden Bridge - Outreach

Aug. 17, 2016

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From Diane Roth, President NSRGA / Workin' Bridges

After our fact finding trip to Springfield and Eugene we found that people are excited to hear the bridges history and many had no idea of its’ historic significance. They are also pleased that there will be new growth in that section of the county. Ideas included a Sunday farmers market, food trucks, trail connections and our baby; the Historic Bridge Destination Park. Comments included:

“I knew something was going on” with the work already done clearing trees, “I never knew” about the history, “That’s cool; we would love to see that place cleaned up”, “I drive by it every day”. There are many groups of people that have shown an interest in this project and have the ‘wherewithal” to see the
project through to completion. Now as we move forward, we will coordinate fundraising efforts, spread the word, restore and open the Hayden Bridge to the public.