The more you look.....

Jan. 05, 2015

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A ridiculously complicated last few months have kept me from journaling, my apologies....  

Let me see if I can catch up on the progress.  I am near completion with the 'as-built' drawings.  As-built drawings are a documentation of the building's current layout, the can be ridiculously detailed, or a basic "here is where the columns and the outside walls are" depending on what the next generation of planning will require.  Mine are somewhere in between.  For example, I counted, but didn't include the existing seating, because, hopefully, it will be replaced due to condition, and standards of today. The existing seating is not the original seating, it was installed during a remodel in the 1970's.  And if you notice on the plan, I haven't included the front lobby doors yet!

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    Preliminary As-Built Main Floor Plan of the Broadway Theatre