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May. 26, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Kalona, Iowa – Friends of Bunker Mill Bridge, on

Tuesday, May 26, in a meeting at the Kalona Chamber of Commerce discussed and

voted on several measures. By unanimous vote, the group authorized The N. Skunk

River Greenbelt Association (NSRGA) to finalize the appointment of Scott Allen as

Executive Director of the Friends working for the bridge project. "It was clear that the

group (and town) needed someone local to do the hours of work that it takes to support

the bridge. Allen stepped up months ago. Many of you might not know that Scott is a

direct descendent of the Bunkers. It is that legacy that prompted him to be part of and

President of the original Save the Bridge group and now to give up a permanent

position at Pleasant Valley Garden Center & Flower Shoppe to take on the project. He is

charged with making his own paying job as a consultant to NSRGA." stated Julie

Bowers. "Direct donations for flowers, t-shirts for the bridge opening fund are still

welcome, but having Scott on board will allow us to work for money for the bridge,

rather than continue with asking for money from grants that just isn't available. We own

a bridge, we have to fund it. A real jewel has been created at Bunker Mill Bridge and

people are spending time there which requires more of a presence this summer."

The Friends also moved and voted that there is no need to hurry towards the existence

of their own group, noting that the Trade Mark of the name and the mission of the group

are sound, and they wish to continue a full collaboration with NSRGA and Workin'

Bridges through, at least, 2015. Mike Riddle stated, "I don't see any need to rush

through that process while we are still working to get the bridge restored." Mike has

taken over the responsibility of the cash donation boxes which can be seen around town.

The friends also rejected the creation of a a titled board of directors, stating that those

titles seemed to go to people's heads, but we just all want a say and a vote. The point,

show up at the meetings and be part of the process. The next meeting will be Tuesday,

June 17 at 6:30 at the event barn of Dennis and Irma Altenhofen, long time supporters

of the project.


Other News - Window Views – A window display can now be viewed in Washinton at

Richard Gilmour's building next to Cafe Dodici where owner Lorraine Williams has

iron flowers available to donors . The window showcases the replica King Iron Bridge

sign created at Max-Cast in Kalona and the stringer recognition names that were created

by Nels Raynor at BACH Steel. Doris Park and Danielle Bombei made sure the

Washington window was in place before their big summer celebrations begin. A

window display is also being planned for the Stuart Yoder building on the main drag in

Kalona. Friends of Bunker Mill Bridge joined Kalona Chamber of Commerce in May,

the windows serve to point to the value we bring to the community and point to ways

folks can donate.


In related news: Building Donated – Scott Allen's internet research revealed a vintage

1920's steel building in Iowa City, free to a good home. Allen followed up with a quick

e-mail and phone call and Bowers joined him for the site visit the next day to meet with

Jeannette (Chadek) Fulton. The find, a 12'x16' vintage and historic steel building that

had been moved to Carl Chadek Trucking Service Inc. to serve as a Scale House, from

it's original use on the Coralville Pipeline. The building is a donation from the Carl

Chadek Trucking Service and The Family of Carl and Frieda Chadek. The building is

being moved to open up more space for the new Chadek Park and Community Gardens.

More related News – Old Mill Marketplace – The shack is in great shape and will

serve as the new home for the start up of Old Mill Marketplace at Bunker Mill Bridge.

Scott's retail experience will help define Old Mill Marketplace this summer: the sky is

the limit but with a budget and a goal: art, farmer's market, cold water and soft drinks,

bug spray and sun screen will all be available at the marketplace. The building will be

moved by Phil Gehman early on Monday June 9. NSRGA moved and the group

approved the use of under $1000 of contingency funds for bridge construction to set up

the move and the marketplace. These funds will be replaced by sales. The goal is that

the seed money will jump start the capital funding for bridge opening, about $30,000 is

needed for installation of stringers and planks.

Music • Fun • Food – David Zollo is the first performer booked on June 24, 6:30 pm

for Almost Acoustic Tuesdays at Bunker Mill Bridge. NSRGA is promoting bridge

restoration through a summer series of music. More will be revealed and more details

will be forthcoming. Musicians should contact Julie Bowers at 641.260.1262


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