Save Our Bridge

Apr. 04, 2016

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This bridge is a monumental historic truss bridge in a state with few surviving truss bridges. The bridge has main spans whose truss spans have "towers" at the piers and thus have the appearance of a cantilever truss. However, the bridge appears to function as a rigid continuous truss since no hinges are visible on the central main span. The bridge also has a four simple through truss approach spans, as well as 14 steel stringer approach spans.

Alabama has very few metal truss bridges compared to most other states. Among those that survive, the B. B. Comer Bridge is a large and beautiful example, and it is in decent condition and worthy of preservation, even if for pedestrian use next to a replacement bridge. However, this bridge is slated for demolition, a short-sighted decision on the part of Alabama. Some local opposition to demolition has been present.  See facebook page:

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    Photo taken by Nathan Holth