Spring is coming - there is a grant to apply for!

Feb. 22, 2015

As winter slowly grinds to spring, the Friends are planning fundraising events for the summer. With a venue as a bridge, Almost Acoustic Tuesdays will begin again with great musicians gracing our natural amphitheatre stage. Traveling across country we still have a few dates to book.

We are also planning a "Chef's" Market for Mondays. Located in Amish country we have great access to produce and products. We also have a lot of great "English" folks that like raise great products as well so we believe this will be a good way to bring people to the bridge.

Our goal is to write for the fourth time a grant to the Washington County Riverboat Foundation so that we can get this project finished and over the river. Then it will be the crossing it always was.

The one good thing about being the "ranger" on duty is that a very good lead about the persons who burned this bridge has come in. I never thought it was kids but it appears that it was and there won't be any money coming from them for replacement. But, I could certainly put them to work in public service. 

Think good thoughts while we pursue funding. Did I mention that donations are tax deductible? 


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    A small selection of National Guitars ready to be played by international recording artist Catfish Keith.