Thank You! Vancouver Parks and Recreation

Aug. 10, 2015

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The Vancouver Park Board has been a long time supporter of RayCam's programs.  Great News to hear that Park Board Chair John Coupar and Park Board Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon will be attending and possibly racing? 

About The Vancouver Park Board

The Vancouver Park Board is the only elected body of its kind in Canada. Formed in 1888 as a committee to manage the new Stanley Park, its history is as old as the city's itself.

It has exclusive possession, jurisdiction, and control over more than 230 public parks in Vancouver and a large public recreation system of community centres, pools, rinks, fitness centres, golf courses, street trees, marinas, playing fields, and more.

The elected nature of the Park Board and the strength and focus of its mandate have resulted in urban parks and recreation that today hold an enviable and esteemed position world-wide.


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