Updated Background on Bunker Mill Bridge

Feb. 01, 2015

Background on Bunker Mill Bridge:

▪ 1887 King Iron Pratt Truss

▪ 119’ with 168’ foot approach

▪ Burned by Arsonist in August of 2013

▪ Condemned by the county engineer

▪ Workin’ Bridges called County Engineer to suggest alternatives

▪ Met with Kalona News and Citizen at the Bridge

▪ Not arrested for trespassing

▪ County dug a moat to keep people out

▪ Friends of Bunker Mill Bridge Formed September 2013

▪ Supervisors award Demolition Funds to restoration October 2013

▪ NSRGA is fiscal Sponsor of FBMB and owner of the bridge

▪ Workin’ Bridges is the owner / contractor for the project

▪ Site Visits, Engineering, and Construction begin in November 2013

▪ Successful Community Effort Fund Raising continues the job

▪ Volunteer efforts are encouraged

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    Beautiful Winter scene at Bunker Mill Bridge