What we do at RPM

Sep. 24, 2016

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Who we are:

The RPM Foundation accelerates the growth of the next generation of automotive restoration and preservation craftsmen through formal training and mentorship.

What we do:

We promote interest in collectible vehicles by developing the next generation of enthusiasts and restorers and provide funding through scholarships and grants to organizations that are committed to the ‘hands-on” training of young people in the skills necessary to preserve and restore collector vehicles and boats.

What we’re looking for:

We are concerned about the future of our hobbies, and the fact that fewer young people are learning the trades and skills that will help preserve a pastime that has given us so much. To that end, we’re looking to help organizations who are dedicated to instructing and training young people to restore and preserve vintage cars, trucks and boats.

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    Gig Harbor BoatShop Project