Winter Work

Feb. 22, 2018

Edna’s new log bottom has been permanently fastened to the original topsides with bronze bolts, each made from scratch out of ½-inch bronze rod, with soldered nuts and washers forming the head. 

Shipwright James DelAguila led new shipwright apprentice Zach Haroth in fabricating Edna’s new centerboard case. The case’s 4-inch thick sides were pinned every 18-inches with bronze, in the same manner that Edna’s logs are held together. The inside of the centerboard case was also lined with more than 200-feet of 16-gauge copper, for antifouling and preservation purposes.

RPM Foundation Apprentice Michael Allen and Seip Family Foundation Apprentice Spencer Sherwood teamed up to install Edna’s new double-sawn frames and mast steps. Made of White Oak and bolted with custom bronze bolts, the frames and steps keep the masts in place and handle tremendous loads when the bugeye is underway.


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