You are invited! - Third Annual Ray-Cam Soapbox Challenge

Feb. 11, 2016

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Is your organization faster than police, tougher than the firefighters and more competitive than the Vancouver Giants?

If the answer is yes, enter your team to compete in the 3rd Annual Ray-Cam Soapbox Derby benefiting the NASKARZ Program. Check out this short video of last year competition featuring Fire and Police Chiefs.

When? Join us on August 19th 2016 9:00 hours for a fun filled friendly competition race fundraiser.

Where? Ray-Cam Back Alley Speedway -920 E Hastings Street Vancouver at

How? Fill out the sponsorship agreement and enter your organization 4 member team with the goal of fund raising $2000 per team by April 30th 2016. The goal is flexible and we will accept both lesser and larger donations. In kind donations can be accepted. Event naming sponsorship level is available. The donation includes entry for 4 members and soapbox rental. Please refer to the sponsorship agreement for details.


Teams entered to date:

1. Vancouver Police

2. Vancouver Fire

3. The Vancouver Giants


5. U-Haul

6. Porsche Club of America, Canada West Region

The funds will go directly to supporting youth in NASKARZ Program who also helped build the carts used at the Derby.

Format of the race

The race is limited to a total of 15 teams

Each team will have a 3 local youth joined.

Adults race against adults from other teams and youth race against other youth for their respective teams.

Questions and team entries: Alex Vasiljević, Community Youth Worker at Ray-Cam Centre



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